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2022-03-20 (3)

A still from "A Touch of Grace - Portrait of John Berger"

A projectproposal for the Hedwigepolder (ongoing). A complete dining table set, that can be found in families from this region, is built on wooden piles of approximately 11 meters and placed and installed on the exact spot of a former house. John bergers' concept of 'home', along with Hannah Arends' metaphor of the table, forms the main concept for this proposal. The project tries to find new ways to deal with, and refer too, the political and social problems in this region, as a result of the expansion of the port of Antwerp.

The Hedwigepolder was created before the Eighty Year’s War in the Netherlands. A 2005 treaty between the Netherlands and Belgium set forth that the Hedwigepolder would be depoldered and be linked to the Drowned Land of Saeftinghe, which would also be reconnected to the adjacent Prosperpolder. The aim was creating more room for the Westerschelde and thus create nature compensation.



Lignestraat, Nieuwe Namen, Zeeland, C-print

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Home is the center, 2022